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I am the mother of a 34 month old boy who has been working with Jodie Heath since he was 10 months old. While he made great progress through Early Intervention, it was only after Jodie opened Swing for the Stars that we really started to see big changes.

John has sensory processing disorder coupled with severe dyspraxia and anxiety. Since he began treatment at Swing for the Stars nearly a year ago, every aspect of his development has drastically improved. He went from being incredibly tactile defensive to the point where even dressing was difficult, to being a very curious toddler and touching everything he can get his tiny hands on.

He also had an over sensitive vestibular system and major gravitational insecurity to the point where he was unable to walk or go from standing to sitting on his own. I am happy to report that he is now walking, standing, sitting and climbing up and down stairs independently.

As a result of his sensory integration and fine motor therapy, he has a new found independence. His frustration level has gone down and with that, his anxiety is nearly gone. He is now a very very happy little guy, which in turn has made our entire family much happier. I couldn’t possibly say enough wonderful things about Swing for the Stars!!

- Mother of a 34 month old boy

Swing for the Stars made SUCH an impact on our family. I noticed differences in Ryder’s sensory issues after just a couple of sessions with Laurie. Tanner made huge strides after just a couple of sessions as well! Throughout the duration of the treatment, everyone was kept in the loop (which unfortunately can’t be said for other Occupational Therapy services we’ve used), and we were given suggestions on how to incorporate therapy at home. The facility is stunning- very clean, organized, and best of all, engaging for both my children. I was honestly disappointed when both of my children were discharged. It was absolutely wonderful to hear that both of my children had made significant progress, but I truly miss being a regular part of the Swing for the Stars family. Each member of the team was so warm and helpful. It is wonderful to know that I can reach out to them at any time should I have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for Ryder and Tanner, and for our family!

- Mother of Tanner, age 20-month, and Ryder, age 3

Jodie Heath has been my son's occupational therapist since right before he turned two. When Jodie opened her own clinic, we signed right up to carry over his therapy from Community Bridges. Jodie has done tremendous work with my son and he simply adores her. Swing for the Stars is a great facility. The more they grow, the more I rave about them to every parent I know. My son has gained so many skills thanks to Swing for the Stars and all their staff. He has learned to tolerate foods, textures, sounds, and how to self regulate his own body. We've seen this carry over to his school day. I can't say enough about Swing for the Stars and all its staff. I give it 5 stars!

- Mother of a 4-year old boy

When Jodie first advertised her new business on the ASNH message board, I was thrilled that an OT with experience in Sensory Processing Disorder was opening in Concord. I called right away and have been bringing my son to Swing for the Stars ever since. I have seen fantastic gains in his ability to tolerate different sensory information- from loud noises to gooey substances. He will now climb and jump and is willing to experience different kinds of movement, just as a child should! We have been very happy with our experiences at Swing for the Stars and the great staff that works there. I highly recommend them to anyone who has concerns regarding their child's development.

- Mother of an 8-year old boy

Our 5 1/2 year old daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and is currently receiving OT services at Swing for the Stars. We came to Swing for the Stars in January when she was in the middle of a serious regression in symptoms after having been discharged from services too early from a different organization. My husband and I feel so blessed to have found Jodie and her team. Our daughter is finding her way again after only 3 short months of therapy and therapeutic listening. Her progress is astounding and while her road is long and we are only at the beginning, she is finding new confidence in herself and her ability to function. There were times that her symptoms were completely debilitating; now they are something we are learning to handle. Jodie truly listens to us as parents and we no longer feel lost or alone in our struggles to help our daughter.

- Mother of a 5 ½ year old girl

Both of my children have received occupational therapy at Swing for the Stars since its opening in 2007. To date, they have both made significant progress, and our experiences have always been positive. The OT staff's extensive knowledge about current sensory integration techniques, and ability to take into account the needs of our family as a whole, have been amazing. I am also very excited about the recent addition of speech therapy. I would highly recommend Swing for the Stars to anyone seeking occupational and/or speech therapy for their child. My kids love their time there!"

- Mother of a 5 ½ year old boy and 3 year old girl

My son has been seeing Laurie at Swing for the Stars for over a year.  He is a sweet, sensitive little guy who struggles with a handful of sensory issues including auditory processing, proprioceptive dysfunction and some vestibular issues.  Along with the progress he's made, everyone at Swing for the Stars supports our family as a whole by offering classes, activity handouts, sensory play groups and advice specific to his/our issues.  My son leaves his session every week as a stronger, more confident boy and I leave every week as a more educated and confident parent.

- Mother of a 3 ½ year old boy

We have been clients of Swing from the Stars since it started, and it has been a great experience. From Tabitha in the front office, to the OT's, and soon the Speech Pathologists, it is a wonderful place to bring your children for the therapy necessary to make their lives and ours better. Not only do the therapists help the children, they help the whole family. We are legitimately a team. They also care a great deal for the children and go above and beyond therapy at the office; they give advise to families on how to make home and school a more comfortable place for our kids. Jodie is our OT and she is wonderful. She absolutely loves my little guy and it shows. She worries as much as I do when problems arise. She has consulted with his school OT, helps with any reports or letters needed, and has even gone so far as to go to a neurology appointment with us to discuss major concerns. I have recommended Swing for the Stars at my Autism Support Group, and even passed out business cards. I couldn't imagine a better place for our children's needs. The best part is that the children don't even realize they are having therapy, they are just having fun.”

- Mother of a 5-year old boy

My children, Emma and Ethan, have been patients at Swing for the Stars since the day the clinic opened. Emma has autism and severe sensory processing disorder. Ethan has anxiety and sensory processing issues. When Emma first started to work with Jodie Heath she was unable to tolerate OT for more than 10 minutes and then would frantically flee the clinic. In less than a few months not only could Emma “tolerate” her hour with Jodie, she was excited to be there! Being with Jodie is the highlight of Emma’s week. In just a year and half Emma has become much more aware of her body, she is able to tolerate transitions better, she no longer grinds her teeth, she allows her hair to be brushed and now brushes her own teeth, and she dresses herself! Emma is so much happier! She adores Jodie and continues to make gains by leaps and bounds. I fear where Emma may be today if it were not for Swing for the Stars.

My son Ethan is diagnosed with anxiety disorder and separation anxiety. He is a wonderfully bright, talkative, loving, complicated, sweet boy. He was so nervous when he began OT I had to stay right by his side and try everything Jodie wanted him to do before he did it so he would know he wouldn’t get hurt. Slowly Jodie gained Ethan’s trust. They worked on his body awareness and how his body actions coincide with his feelings.

Ethan was experiencing a great deal of anxiety and difficulties expressing his feelings. Jodie worked on a “worry box” for Ethan, and when Ethan saw his Worry Box his eyes lit up. That was over a year ago and all of Ethan’s worries are gone. The box still sits on a shelf in his room, but he is now aware of how his body reacts to his emotions.

Jodie is not just an occupational therapist. She is a person who truly cares about my children. Our family is one that lives in constant chaos and stress. It is very difficult to raise children with significant needs but Jodie “gets it.” Many times I have arrived at Swing for the Stars in tears, and left laughing. Jodie always listens, really listens, to me. She offers suggestions, hints and understanding. I love Swing for the Stars!”

- Mother of Emma, age 10 and Ethan, age 7

Words cannot fully express the gratitude we feel toward the wonderful occupational therapists at Swing for the Stars for the benefits they have provided for my son. Prior to working with the Swing for the Starts providers, other providers had worked with our son but his progress in working with them had diminished over time, which told us it was time for a change. There is simply no way to express in words alone how thankful a parent is when someone helps their child to succeed at something they are struggling with. For this reason, Swing for the Stars is at the top of my list of service providers for children who have occupational therapy and sensory integration needs.

My son began attending occupational therapy a year and a half ago at Swing for the Stars. He had been receiving occupational therapy from another location for two years prior and it just didn’t seem to be helping him as it had. Immediately after contacting Swing for the Stars I was impressed with time taken by Tabitha to listen carefully and answer my questions as well as to get a thorough background from me. Our occupational therapist, Jamie Jones, was also amazing, taking time to explain certain aspects of occupational therapy and sensory integration in terms I could understand, as well as providing me with ideas that work both at home and in school. Jaime’s work with my son helped him to make tremendous strides that he would not have otherwise made. We also participated in one of the social skills groups that Swing for the Stars coordinates during the summer of 2008 and are eagerly looking forward to participating again this year. It was a wonderful opportunity to work on social interaction and “chit –chat” skills that so many kids need a little extra help with to understand.

I would, and do, recommend Swing for the Stars to any parent whose child needs occupational therapy. With their help, my son has met his goals and was just recently discharged from occupational therapy. Although we depart with regret, we leave with the assurance that Jamie and the rest of the wonderful group at Swing for the Stars will be there should we need their assistance in the future!

- Mother of Tyler, age 4